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Author . . . Educator . . . Musician . . . Actor

Passion sharpens one’s creative edge and fractured life-events change everyone. Believe me, I’ve had my share. So I sat down and wrote a book. Born and raised in northern New Jersey, my first nineteen years of life were spent in my father’s florist shop. This makes me an original flower-child before the 1960s began! When Mom purchased a piano for my sister, my destiny was revealed.

After earning a BA in Music Education, love for learning led me to RADA in London to study acting. I have an MA in teaching, Supervisor Certification, and an M. Ed. in Educational Leadership. Although tempted, the doctorate is on hold at the moment. In 2009, I received the title of Distinguished Music Educator at the Yale University Music Symposium.

During intense coursework for the second masters, I wrote many journals and educational essays. This led to being a contributing author in a book about music education in urban schools. And when my life changed again, I took a trip into the paranormal to pen Retribution! Consequences followed shortly thereafter, and Inheritance is now under contract. My children, Richard and Kara, my sister, Linda, and supportive friends continue to encourage the dramatic story teller within me.

On this website you’ll find links to my award-winning Action Research Project SCAMPERS and urban music education presentations for MENC and NJMEA.

You can also visit my author bio page at The Wild Rose Press.

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