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The Champion Chronicles: Book Two
The Wild Rose Press – Black Rose
ISBN 1-60154-777-3

Every action has a consequence. And some are harder to face than others. A mystically enhanced vampire survives the wrath of three evil sorcerers. Rescued by Alana Ciminio, a Guardian of Souls, as well as many members of the Georgian Circle, Michael Malone is taken to Portofino for an unprecedented healing. When brought to consciousness, nothing in Michael’s undead life is familiar. Unwilling to face what he’s done, he doggedly rails against every essential truth until he is forced to accept his actions. The Champion’s dream of survival had revealed his deepest desire. And when the most difficult part of this journey begins, he comes to realize that his destiny is with Alana and his troubled mortal son. Salvation lies in their unconditional love. And Michael’s road to redemption will lead to an unexpected destination never thought possible—by him or anyone else.

The Reviews

RT Book Reviews (August 2010): 4 STARS – Compelling! A page turner! “Book two of the Champion Chronicles is a really wild ride. This is a story about a different sort of vampire. There are battles, tender moments, and a large dose of teen angst. VERY ENJOYABLE!”