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The Champion Chronicles: Book One
The Wild Rose Press – Black Rose
ISBN 1-60154-551-7

Dreams often reflect hidden desires . . . even if they are terrifying. Michael Malone, a unique creature of the night, has taken down three evil sorcerers. He’s not entirely successful. Faced with eternal suffering, a compassionate soul helps this Champion create an intricate fantasy until he can be rescued by the Georgian Circle. His tale of passion and suspense is tinged with many truths. Eternal devotion to a Guardian of Souls and a troubled teenager forces this mystically enhanced vampire to dream of survival. He yearns to be in Alana’s arms. He vows to protect Lukas, his mortal son. As he confronts his guilty, undead life his imagination runs wild. But Michael begins to lose hope, believing that there is no such thing as redemption. Why did the commanding Champion jeopardize his own immortality? Michael Malone has two very good reasons. One is revenge and the other is love.

2nd place winner August 2008 in The Blurb Contest at Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction.

The Reviews

You Gotta Read Reviews – “You need to read” (March 29)“This is a great story!” “I am amply impressed.” “I recommend this book to those who are looking for something a bit deeper in their romance.”

4 out of 5 books at LASR (June 6) – “My goodness, what a new adventure with vampires…” “Some of the wonderful in-between emotions are breathtaking” “…very human events that make the adrenaline pump fast in the veins.” “If you enjoy supernatural events with Good pitted against Evil, Retribution! should captivate you.”

Bitten by Books – (Dec. 18) – “Intricate and epic… Flagg’s writing style varies from exquisite word choice and imagery in many descriptions to the simplistic in others situations. Fans of both urban fantasy and paranormal romance should find plenty to enjoy here.”